Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chakra System

So what does the Chakra system have to do with my distance energy healing sessions? Well, the Chakras are energy centers in the body. These energy centers spin to regulate the various aspects of our being, from our emotional and mental selves, to our physical and sexual natures. These Chakras can become blocked with negative energy, keeping them from functioning properly, leading to all the nasty things we’ve discussed like disease, sickness, depression, anger, and various dysfunctions. Basically, it can put you out of whack and make you feel generally terrible. Reiki or Erotic Ga treatments help to clear those blockages, removing the negative energy and restoring your Chakras to their proper functioning order, thus making you feel a whole lot better – balanced, relaxed, happy – better to worship me, the Father of Lust on Mernac.

So let’s have a closer look at the Chakras then…

There are seven main Chakras in the human body.

From top to bottom with corresponding colours they are:

  • The Crown Chakra – White or Violet
  • The Third-Eye Chakra – Indigo
  • The Throat Chakra – Blue
  • The Heart Chakra – Green or Pink
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
  • The Sacral Chakra – Orange
  • The Root Chakra – Red

The Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head, this seventh Chakra is where the universe connects to you and you connect to it and to all things. This Chakra relates to higher consciousness, thought, knowledge and wisdom, deeper understanding including of the self, enlightenment and bliss. A well-developed Crown Chakra is a sign of high spiritual awareness and well being.

The Third-Eye Chakra

Located about an inch above the bridge of your nose in the middle of your forehead, this sixth Chakra, known as the third or divine eye, is your system’s psychic centre regulating perception and intuition. It is related to your ability to see not only physically but intuitively as well. Therefore it can work to open your psychic abilities and help you to see the “big picture” in life.

The Throat Chakra

Located in the throat, this fifth Chakra is your communication and creativity center. This Chakra helps you to express yourself on all levels and especially to express your true nature and your creative identity. It helps you to find and listen to your inner voice for guidance and is also connected to your respiratory system as well as your skin.

The Heart Chakra

Located in the middle of the chest, this fourth Chakra is your center of love, forgiveness and of self-acceptance. It is the seat of your soul where you will find compassion and mercy, tolerance and forgiveness, purity and nobility, and perfect goodness. Here is love, love for yourself, for others, for the One Source and the universe. A healthy Heart Chakra helps us to find peace and balance.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Located at the center of the body, this third Chakra is considered your power center. It is from where you project yourself, your personal power and will, intellect and ambition, to the world and to the universe. This is the seat of your Ego, your identity and where your fire and zest for life lies. It regulates our metabolism, digestion, excretion and blood production. A healthy Solar Plexus Chakra brings us vitality and courage.

The Sacral Chakra

Located at the center of the body just under the navel, this second Chakra holds our emotional identity and sexual nature. It is related to our physical strength and our internal energy, as well as our sexual organs and bladder. This Chakra connects us emotionally to others, through feelings, desires, sensations and movement. When the Chakra is functioning well, it brings us depth of character and feeling, sexual fulfillment, grace, poise and the ability to accept change.

The Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, this first Chakra grounds us and is the root of manifesting our ideas and creativity. This is the foundation of our physical being, our strength and vitality and how we connect to the physical world. It represents our survival and self-preservation instincts. A healthy Root Chakra can bring us health, wealth, security and great charisma.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Touch My Hand

My hand is now empowered!

Sorry that it took me so long to attune and empower the image of my hand. But now it is ready. Just click here to be taken to it. Place your hand on mine and feel the energy flow into you.

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Here I’ll be adding testimonials from some of my satisfied clients for your reading pleasure. I send out a big thank you to you all.

I had always wanted to try Reiki but wasn't comfortable having it done by a complete stranger. Since Quont is someone I know and trust, I decided to go ahead and try it. When the session started I felt it on a physical level as a slight aching pain in one shoulder which went away quickly, and then a soothing warmth that filled my body. By the time it was done I felt completely relaxed, calm and peaceful. The "cleansing" manifested itself as being a little tired the next day, so I just went to bed early. Since the Reiki treatment I feel less irritable and better able to focus...and looking forward to another treatment!

We need to find a way to tell more people about you and your Reiki because you are WONDERFUL!! ~ Vickie


Thank you for a great experience! ~ Indilwen


This was a totally amazing experience. I was not aware that Quont was performing the treatment on me until after the fact. [Permission to conduct the session had been previously obtained] So I did not understand what was happening to my body. I had just finished repairing my outdoor irrigation system and had been out in very extreme heat for most of the day. I jumped in the pool to cool down and relax by just floating around on my back.

While I was floating, I experienced a warming sensation around my left hand. It felt like I was wearing a glove. I kept looking at my hand thinking I had been out in the heat for too long, but it was a very strong sensation and lasted a few minutes. As that sensation ceased, I felt a rush of calm. A very satisfied feeling of relief like a huge weight had been lifted from me. I just dismissed the sensations and felt I had been out in the heat for too long.

Later that evening, I checked my e-mail and found an e-mail from Quont. He explained how he had just performed a Reiki treatment on me and gave the approximate time it was performed. I was amazed; it was exactly the time I was in the pool and feeling the odd sensations! The e-mail included a detailed description of his findings. He also advised he held my left hand at the end of the treatment to give me a boost of energy! How interesting is that?

In the days following the treatment, I have experienced several dizzy spells which is quite unusual for me. Quont advised these sensations can occur after a Reiki treatment as the body is ridding itself of negative energy and debris the treatment had loosened.

I am a fairly strong willed individual and would not give in easily to something that is not tangible. However, what I have experienced can not be casually disregarded. I actually felt Quont reaching out to me and have since experienced a feeling of satisfaction, confidence and well being. I will highly recommend this treatment to everyone I know as I have enjoyed the benefits first hand.

Thank you so much Father Quont for this wonderful gift you have bestowed upon me! I am forever in your debt. ~ Traesha


My volunteer session was the most unusual experience ever. I expected something directly related to erogenous zones. Instead, I received expanded in-depth healing, which didn't stop with the session itself. Indeed, the following evening I discovered the arthritic pinkie finger which had pained me constantly for about 2 months is now completely pain-free and movable again; and my constant daily headache has disappeared. Quont does a marvellous job of delivering the Erotic GA Empowerment, and additionally, works through the recipient in email follow-up to help us ground the healing and understand the energy flows. I recommend it tremendously! I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't benefit all. Go for it! ~ Frost

Friday, September 21, 2007

Free Empowerment from the God of Lust

This image of Quont’s hand has been empowered to continuously emit the Reiki and Erotic Ga Energies. Simply click on the image to make it larger and then place your hand on the God of Lust’s hand to let the energy flow from the image into you.

Be sure to come back often any time you need another energetic boost.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

See Your Aura

This is a way that you can try to see your own aura.

When you go to bed at night, wait until your eyes adjust to the darkness and then hold your hand out in front of you. Slowly wave it from side to side in a very fluid movement. As you do so, relax your eyes and watch the edge of your hand. If you’ve adjusted your sight correctly, you should be able to see a glowing trail of light following your hand, almost like a comet trail, as it slowly sways left to right and back again. This glowing light may contain colour as well, reflecting your personal state of being. For me, it’s normally a greenish light.

Give it a try. It’s quite a thrilling experience when you see your own aura for the first time. It’s just a matter of altering your perception to see this subtle energy. If you try it, leave me a comment and let me know about your experience.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Discovering Your Aura - Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The layers, or bodies, of the aura are not segregated from one another, but are all interconnected. Each one corresponds to one of the seven major Chakras, as well as to various organs of the body, thus reflecting our state of well being or ill health. The first three layers, those closest to the physical body, are the densest and make up our personality, while the last four layers are finer and form our spiritual selves.

Let’s take a closer look at these seven layers and what they represent.

1. The etheric layer or vital body controls the cosmic life force that enters the physical body. This is the densest and easiest layer to see and it extends approximately one to two inches from the body. This layer corresponds to the Root Chakra and is associated with issues related to the physical body, like the sensations of pain or pleasure and the survival instincts.

2. The emotional layer registers the feelings, desires and sensory faculties of the individual. This layer corresponds to the Sacral Chakra and extends about one to six inches from the body. It is the layer most often described by sensitives during readings.

3. The mental layer reacts to the thoughts both generated and received by the individual, and is the seat of our personal power. This layer corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

4. The causal layer retains all of the potential of the individual for his or her future development. This layer corresponds to the Heart Chakra and to love, both specific and universal. All healing comes through this first layer of our spiritual bodies.

5. The etheric template or Atmic layer reflects the higher aspects of our will and our connection to the divine will. It is also our communication centre, corresponding to the Throat Chakra. This is the layer where we take responsibility for our actions and from where we practice manifesting.

6. The intuitive layer, corresponding to the Third-Eye or Brow Chakra, encompasses our spiritual communication, our nurturing and awareness of ourselves and our love and divine connection to life and all there is.

7. The cosmic layer, related to the Crown Chakra, is our higher mind. It is our connection to the divine and our spiritual awareness, integrating body, mind and soul.

The question I probably get asked the most as an aura sensitive is, ‘what colour is my aura?’

Interpreting colours can be very subjective and discussions on the matter can raise conflicting answers. There does, however, seem to be a consensus on what the various colours of the aura mean. Generally, the colours represent the following:

Red symbolizes life and vitality, passion and drive to succeed.

Orange represents energy and creativity with high aspirations and ambition for success. It denotes a high-minded, confident and expressive individual, but also proud with a narrow outlook.

Yellow represents the intellect and mental power, artistry and creativity, as well as wisdom, discipline and confidence.

Green relates to harmony, healing, growth and abundance, as well as to teaching, perseverance and high self-esteem.

Blue symbolizes inspiration, peace, and tranquility, as well as honesty, deep feelings of love and affection and communication and unity.

Indigo relates to intuition, spirituality and integrity, as well as to psychic skills and past or ancient memories.

Violet relates to imagination and vision, as well as to enchantment, charm and deep spiritual understanding and wisdom. It is the highest point of evolving consciousness.

White incorporates the qualities of all the other colours and it denotes a highly evolved spiritual person who is at one with the divine and all there is.

Brown suggests an earthiness about the individual, as well as being well grounded and connected to the here and now.

Your aura is a beautiful ever-changing reflection of who you are. Being able to read it can help you to learn a lot about yourself and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of health.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Discovering Your Aura - Part 1

Everything is surrounded by an aura – every rock, every tree, every person. This aura reflects the life force, state of health, emotional make-up and general well being of the subject it surrounds. In a constant state of change, the aura varies in colour, shape, size and intensity, reacting to environmental, emotional and mental influences, as well as to disease or illness in its subject.

In the early 1900s, British scientist Walter J. Kilner developed a glass screen that sensitizes one’s vision making it possible to see the aura. Later, the development of Kirlian photography provided another method for viewing the aura. For thousands of years before these two inventions, however, the ability to see auras belonged only to ‘sensitives’, people who can see the aura with the naked eye. ...I am one of those sensitives.

I first realized my ability to see auras when I was around twelve years old. I always noticed a bluish haze around my schoolteacher. So having always been interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical I soon discovered that what I was seeing was in fact the aura – the energy field that surrounds us all. As the years went by, I practiced this newfound ability and tried to learn as much as I could about the subject of auras. I even tried to teach my friends how to see them, but no one else could.

After years of practice and study, I have learned to see the first three layers of the aura. There are seven layers in all. Starting from the inner densest layers to the faster vibrating, finer layers, they are:

1. Etheric

2. Emotional

3. Mental

4. Causal

5. Etheric Template

6. Intuitive and

7. Cosmic.

Taken all together, these seven layers of the aura are often called the astral body.

Next time I'll go into what these different layers mean, as well as their associated colours.

Thank you!